Tasks & Responsibilities
  • 01
    Conducting medical examinations and making diagnoses;
  • 02
    Giving specialised medical or surgical treatment for particular types of illnesses, disorders or injuries;
  • 03
    Giving advice on and applying preventive medicine methods and treatments;
  • 04
    Participating in the development and implementation of public health laws and regulations for safeguarding and promoting the health of a community;
  • 05
    Teaching medical students and other health sciences students, medical specialists and other health professionals;
  • 06
    Preparing scientific papers and reports;
  • 07
    Specialising in diagnostic evaluation, rehabilitative and reablement services and research related to hearing;
  • 08
    Assisting patients under medical direction to overcome or minimise the effects or defects and disorders of speech;
  • 09
    Treating the blind;
  • 10
    Fixing all kinds of orthotic devices;
  • 11
    Making splints with thermoplastic materials;
  • 12
    Examining the patients to determine the diseases;
  • 13
    Writing specifications for artificial limbs or other appliances and helping to fit them and explaining their use;
  • 14
    Performing related tasks; and
  • 15
    Enhancing knowledge and coordinating work performance.

What are the skills required?

Skills, knowledege and abilities that are essential to carry out a task with determined results. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills.

Soft Skill
Able to speak English
Soft Skill
Bahasa Malaysia
Able to speak Bahasa Malaysia
Soft Skill
The ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in.
Soft Skill
Able to speak English
Soft Skill
The ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in.
Hard Skill
Able to speak Mandarin
Hard Skill
Clinical Imaging
The techniques to evaluate image information for clinical manifestations and technical accuracy.
Hard Skill
Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is an integration of science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well-being and personal development.
Soft Skill
Working experience of Commissioning. Commissioning, a process or service provided to validate the completeness and accuracy of a project or venture: Building commissioning, a quality assurance process during and following building construction.
Hard Skill
Endocrinology is a branch of biology and medicine dealing with the endocrine system, its diseases, and its specific secretions known as hormones.
Hard Skill
Family Medicine
Family medicine (FM), formerly family practice (FP), is a specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages; the specialist is named a family physician or family doctor.
Hard Skill
First Aid
First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.
Hard Skill
Gastroenterology (MeSH heading) is the branch of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders.
Hard Skill
Internal Medicine
Internal medicine or general medicine (in Commonwealth nations) is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.
Hard Skill
Medical Consultants
Medical consulting is providing business consulting services (healthcare administration or healthcare management) to the healthcare industry in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, insurance, healthcare management, billing, coding, regulations and compliance, healthcare standards, and many other areas.
Hard Skill
Medical Physics
Medical physics (also called biomedical physics, medical biophysics or applied physics in medicine) is, generally speaking, the application of physics concepts, theories and methods to medicine or healthcare.
Hard Skill
Musculoskeletal Trauma
Working experience of Musculoskeletal Trauma, which When a musculoskeletal injury interrupts a bone or joint, the trauma causes severe muscle spasms that lead to pain, angulation (abnormal formation of angles by the bones), and overriding of the ends of the bones.
Hard Skill
Nephrology is a specialty of medicine and pediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys: the study of normal kidney function and kidney problems, the preservation of kidney health, and the treatment of kidney problems, from diet and medication to renal replacement therapy (dialysis and kidney transplantation).
Hard Skill
Preclinical Research
Preclinical research involves the evaluation of potential therapeutic interventions in cells and animals.
Hard Skill
Radiation Oncology
Radiation oncology is a medical speciality that involves the controlled use of radiation to treat cancer either for cure, or to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by cancer.
Hard Skill
Rheumatology is a sub-specialty in internal medicine, devoted to diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases.
Field of Study Required
Field of study consists of a broad area of academic and skills qualifications that come under a similar branch of subject knowledge. In addition, courses offered under each field of study require similar academic entry requirements.
Medicine is the study of the principles and procedures used in preventing, diagnosing, caring for and treating illness, disease and injury in humans and the maintenance of general health. Principally, this field consists of training of physicians/doctors.


Medical disgnostics and treatment technology
Medical diagnostic and treatment technology is the study of a wide range of technologies used for diagnosing and treating diseases and handicaps.


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